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Have you heard of Advocare?

My friend Danielle told me about this new product that her and her husband recently discovered and I must admit, it. is. AMAZING. I’m sooo excited about it and I’m already hooked and am trying to get all my friends and family to try it…because I really BELIEVE in the products. 

Have you heard of Advocare??

Advocare is AWESOME!!!! After I was done playing college volleyball, I went in and out of working out, taking vitamins, supplements, etc. I’ve tried numerous products and finally decided to do some research on Advocare after hearing about it from my friend Danielle. It is ALL NATURAL (which I love!) and endorsed by Dr. Oz, so you know it’s good stuff.

Anyway, I was really impressed with what I found, so I decided to order the 24 day challenge and I fell in LOVE with it. Several people at the high school near where Danielle taught at completed the 24 day challenge and have seen INCREDIBLE results. Many of them have lost 10-20 lbs, their blood pressure has decreased, and they feel totally reenergized! Everyone is RAVING about it, so seeing their results totally sold me. 

The 24 day challenge is pretty simple and the science behind it makes perfect sense. I really recommend it if you want to jump start your weight loss (or maybe just inches…), get rid of all the junk and toxins in your body, and help you go through the gentle cleansing process to “reset” your body.  It’s important to cleanse occasionally so it can function the way it’s designed to. Plus, this system is designed to help you absorb nutrients better too from the supplements you will take and the healthy foods you eat.

Even if you do eat a healthy diet, there are still nutrition gaps because

If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any questions, or I can just give you more info. Be sure to check out the website too….www.advocare.com.  You can order directly from the website with my distributor #, which is 130645889.

Another option, which is what I did, is YOU can become a distributor for just $79 and order it for yourself with the 20% discount.  This is what I recommend. Be sure to let me know if this is what you’d like to do and I can help you get it set up (it’s super easy!). Basically, it works like a Sam’s membership. After that one time buy in fee of $79, you get 20% off ALL Advocare products. Plus, when you sign up to be a distributor they automatically send you $50 worth of products. I gave some product out to family and friends to try, and if they like it (which they will- Spark is AWESOME!) and order more you can make your money back pretty quickly.

**Spark is an all natural energy drink. Only 45 calories. People have used it to quit drinking cokes, Dr. Pepper, and Mt. Dew; to come off sugary coffee drinks; and off energy drinks!! I use it to make it through my normal 2:00 in the afternoon crash and sometime before a work out. It’s known for providing energy and mental focus….definitely a favorite product!

Be sure to check out the website….there are tons of GREAT products for energy boosting (Active), weight loss (Trim), and workout/sports performance (Performance Elite). The 24 day challenge, which is really the first thing you’d want to do, which is under the Trim tab when you go to the product list.

About the 24 day challenge:

The 24 day challenge is a comprehensive system that is designed to clean you out, reenergize you, “reset” your body to function properly, jump start weight loss, possible lower blood pressure, and leave you feeling GREAT!

The first 10 days is a gentle herbal cleanse. It includes 3 days of a fiber drink in the morning, daily omega 3 supplements, and herbal cleanse pills. Days 4-10 include a probiotic and the herbal cleanse supplements. The last 3 days is back to the fiber drink and probiotics.  It also comes with something called Spark (an all natural energy drink powder- comes in SEVERAL flavors- same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee and way healthier and safer than soft drinks, energy drinks, and sugary coffees). It is known for boosting energy and mental focus. I LOVE it!

The next 14 days is called the Max Phase. It is simple too….a (yummy!) meal replacement shake in the morning and supplements throughout the day. Very simple, but big results. The cleanse helps your body get back to the mode it needs to be in to be able to absorb nutrients. Plus, that shake is the perfect 1:1 combo of protein and carbs….it is the perfect meal.

The dietary recommendations are not too strict- it is basic healthy eating principles. 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, at least 8 glasses of water, eat starchy foods in whole grain form only (nothing white), reduce dietary fat intake, avoid fried foods, and avoid sugar.

Here are all the benefits:

*Food residue moves quickly through the body, giving a feeling of lightness.

*Vitamins and nutrients are better absorbed.

*Digestion is optimized.

*Skin tone is improved.

*Feeling of mental alertness and sense of well being are enhanced.

*Overall health and vitality are increased.

This was all designed by some of the top doctors and scientists. The science behind it sold me. I know most people aren’t into that, but you can check it out on the website if you are.

Feel free to e-mail me with ANY questions!!! Seriously, I am ALL about this product right now. I feel GREAT and am loving everyone’s results!

Contact Me: michellekopecky31@gmail.com 

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2012 and social media…awesome stuff!! 

Full of thanksgiving!! Daily reminders.

You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone else’s movie.
Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you.
We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.

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But you went away, how dare you, I miss you. They say I’ll be okay, but I’m not going to ever get over you. <3

My lovely friends. Geaux tigers!!

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